Nov 15 – 20, 2022
Espoo Metro Areena
Europe/Helsinki timezone

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Data controller
Elisa Data Protection

Privacy notice

About the usage of this form and data protection

Filling in the form

With this form you can apply for accreditation to Elisa Masters Espoo ‘22.

The answers of this form are collected electronically, and they will be processed by employees and contractors of Elisa Oyj and Kepit Systems Oy. Chosen applicants will be contacted with the contact details given in this form.

About data protection and the information we collect

We will collect the following personal data of you for the following usage purposes:


  • Full name: We use your name to identify you
  • Phone number and email address: We use the phone number and email address given by you to contact you and send you important information about the event. We will also send you updates on the accreditation status via email.
  • Dietary Restrictions: We use information about your dietary restrictions to try to provide you with matching your diet
  • Selections and texts in the form: We use the rest of the information that you've given, such as texts and selections to categorize and confirm your accreditation.

Data retention


Personal data will be stored for up to 3 months after the event.

We reserve the right to hand over the information collected by this form to the employees and contractors of Elisa Oyj and Kepit Systems Oy.

Accepting the data collection and processing

By sending this form, you agree to the data collection and processing listed above.

For more information on data protection at Elisa: